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Five of my children have danced at Van Metre and the Appalachian Ballet Company starting in 1990. My youngest child is now a senior in high school, marking the end of 27 years of dancing at Van Metre. I have always enjoyed peace of mind knowing that this school provides the most excellent training in classical ballet in the area. Ms. Amy and her co-instructors  have imparted to my to children a love for dancing and and so much more. Their Van Metre experience has been demanding in terms of their commitment of time and focus to not only personal excellence but also to the beauty of an art form that involves being invested in the success of your fellow dancers. Spinning off of this core, my children have developed leadership skills, time-management, an appreciation of beauty, a love of music, poise and self confidence as young adults. I appreciate that Ms. Amy, Van Metre and the Appalachian Ballet Company are consciously focused on developing each dancer as a whole person. Anne, my fourth child, is now a professional dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company based in New York City.  Without the  classical training and character development at Van Metre and ABC, she never would have achieved her dream of becoming a member of this prestigious company. We are forever in the debt to Van Metre School of Dance and Appalachian Ballet Company for being an integral part of my children's growth and development. - Colette S.


I cannot express how much my family and I love Van Metre School of Dance! Our daughter has been dancing with Van Metre since she was three, and we can’t imagine dancing with any other school. We are always so impressed with the level of attention and quality of training she receives on a weekly basis from Mrs. Amy and her amazing team of dance instructors. We appreciate that the school offers a variety of dance style classes and take full advantage of these opportunities. Our girl is growing into a beautiful, confident dancer and we owe this to Van Metre School of Dance! - Jessica E.


With two children who LOVE dance and have a passion for ballet, this is the place for us. We have been so happy with the instructors and their genuine care for the students. They are the best I have seen in our many moves around the country. We are truly at home here and look forward to watching our girls continued growth at Van Metre. - Misty C.


Van Metre School of Dance is not only teaching dance but so much more. Responsibility, manners, professionalism... I see it in my two sons and my daughter who love working with you and learning about stage presence. I tell them if they can get up on stage and perform they can accomplish anything. Not only that, but one of Tyler's teachers told me how important making good friend choices are. I feel as a parent they couldn't be around a better group of kids. - John B.


My daughter, Calista, has attended Van Metre School of Dance for 9 years. The opportunity to learn classical ballet and so many other styles of dance from such talented and caring instructors has helped her grow so much. The director, teachers and staff at Van Metre work together to create a atmosphere where each child's love of dance can flourish. - Chris H.


I could not be more impressed with the staff and students. - Kurt W.

The Official School of the Appalachian Ballet Company



It is the desire of Van Metre School of Dance to develop in each student a love for and a skill in the art of dance according to individual ability, so that the dance experience will be an enriching part of the student's life and education.


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