Summer Camps

Special summer programs are held following the spring recital at the end of the school year. Click below to register for 2024 Camps.

Creative Movement - age 3 to 5

Beginning movement classes for three and four year olds include introduction to ballet and the pre-primary syllabus.


Tap - age 4 to adult

Students learn basic to advanced dance steps and musical comedy routines.


Ballet - age 6 to adult

Graded classes for students over six years old are divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Although classes are graded according to age for beginning levels, further advancement depends on application, artistic ability, dance development and physical qualifications. The number of years in dance training or the students age does not dictate placement of class level. Placement is at the discretion of the faculty. Our ballet staff at Van Metre School of Dance teaches the Royal Academy syllabus as a foundation for our younger dancers. The syllabus offers education in classical ballet, character dance and free movement. This gives our students a well-rounded classical dance background.



Toe requires two or three years of serious preparation and is not advisable until a student is at least ten or eleven and has attained good body placement and control. A minimum of two classes a week are required to prepare for pointe.

*Pre-Pointe Required


Musical Theater - age 7 to adult

Class involves learning technical terms and performance technique with a focus on dance movement in the musical theatre style which continues the story-line of a play where characters convey their feelings, thoughts and emotions through physical movement.


Jazz- age 7 to adult

Jazz works on the individual style and originality of dancers. Every jazz dancer interprets and executes moves and steps in their own way. This type of dancing is energetic and fun and consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  Class will also focus on muscle strengthening, flexibility and contemporary lyrical movement.


Modern - age 7 to adult

Classes include whole body movement, improvisational skills and a variety of modern disciplines.


Hip Hop - age 7 to adult

This high energy class is street dance primarily performed to hip hop music.  It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, locking and popping.


Time to Dance

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